Confidentiality Agreement

This statement contains the privacy policy. By visiting the website, you are deemed to have accepted the following terms and conditions. requests some personal information from you during the membership phase and later. Protecting your personal information and maintaining your privacy is our top priority as the team. For this reason, the information you provided will not be used in any context other than the rules and purposes specified in the membership and sales contract, and will not be shared with third parties. detects and uses the IP address of the users when necessary, in order to detect problems related to the system and to fix these problems in the fastest way possible. IP addresses can also be used to generally identify users and collect comprehensive demographic information.

Weekly information bulletins will be sent to your e-mail address from the moment you become a member of or shop without membership. You have the right to make changes to this newsletter, cancel the service and restart it at any time.

The content of these e-mails consists of all the campaigns to be made regarding the brands we sell, discount deals, product, bulletins and information to be sent for the purpose of determining customer satisfaction.

You are deemed to have accepted us by e-mail, e-mail, telephone and SMS by shopping on our site or by filling out the call me information form about the products or when you request information from our company e-mail addresses.

All your credit card and personal information are encrypted with 128 Bit with SSL Secure system, which is the internet security standard. In this way, it is prevented that your information in any way be intercepted in undesirable people or institutions during their circulation on the internet. You can send us an e-mail for any questions and suggestions regarding our privacy policy.


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