When should SilverNurse be used?


It can be used for preventive purposes 2 (two) weeks before birth, but it is OK to start using it immediately after birth. The longer we can use it after birth, the better results we can get.

Is it OK to use SilverNurse with other products?


You can use SilverNurse with a breast pad or breast pump.

If you are going to use it with a breast pad, you can place the SilverNurse on your nipples and then use the breast pad on it.

There is no harm in using it after milking with a milk pump.

Things to consider when using SilverNurse



We do not recommend using any cream or medication for your nipples while using SilverNurse . Using it together with the cream may decrease its effectiveness.

If you think that the smell of milk residue may irritate your baby after removing SilverNurse, you can gently wash your nipples or wipe them without irritation.

How do I clean SilverNurse?


You can use it unconditionally from the moment you meet SilverNurse for the first time.

Silver has a self-disinfecting feature, so you do not need to wash it frequently

You can clean the product by washing it with baking soda once a month. After this process, we recommend that you rinse with plenty of water and use it by drying.

Under no circumstances should disinfectant or detergent be used and should never be washed in the Dishwasher.


SilverNurse lifetime and content



SilverNurse does not have a lifetime and its effectiveness will not decrease over time. 925 sterling silver is the purest silver that can be cast. It does not contain nickel under any circumstances.

What is the content of SilverNurse?



Silver settings are defined in a thousand system and the value of the purest silver is considered to be 1000. Commercial silver is 999 purity. 925 sterling silver commonly known as “Sterling Silver” is used in jewelry and jewelry making. Silvernurse is produced entirely handmade from 925 sterling silver. The weight of our products varies between 6-7gr. The reason for the difference in weight is that the products are completely handmade . It is absolutely nickel free.

Why is SilverNurse cheaper?



We work at every stage of our production. With the advantage of being 100% domestic, we can offer affordable prices to our consumers.

What should I do if I am not happy with SilverNurse?



As SilverNurse, our aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction . We provide unconditional refunds to all our customers who are not satisfied with this order within 14 days .

What does 100% domestic production mean?



Our product itself, boxes and pouches are produced entirely in Turkey. Our silver is produced by processing from raw ore mined in ETİ mining facilities.

How can I trust SilverNurse?



You can review our Accredited Laboratory results, CE and ISO certificates so that you can trust us.


What is CE certificate ?

This sign, which means Conformity to Europe, indicates that the products sold in the Community are inspected / evaluated according to the minimum safety, health and environmental protection requirements.


What is an ISO certificate ?

ISO 9001 Certificate, on the other hand, determines the assurance that the products or services of the relevant organization are created as a result of a management approach that is shipped and managed in accordance with an internationally accepted management system, and thus the continuity of the product and service quality of the organization can be ensured.


Laboratory Results:

Kosgeb Laboratories express both national and international high esteem as a reliable indicator of technical competence.



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