SilverNurse Silver Food Spoon:


SilverNurse is specially designed for babies who have begun to take a silver food spoon.

It is produced from 925 sterling silver, completely handmade, according to European standards. SilverNurse feeding spoons do not have a expiration date.

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Silver Feeding Spoon Features:


  • It is 100% handmade

  • Absolutely NICKEL-free

  • Designed as one size

  • 925 sterling silver was used in its construction

  • Suitable for use by children over 6 months

  • Have no effect on taste and smell of food and beverages.

  • When you are not using it, you can store and carry it in a linen pouch.

  • Thanks to its wide handle, it fits well in the child's hand and can be used with the left and right hand.

  • The spoon depth is designed in accordance with the porsion size of the children of this age.

  • It can be used as a syrup spoon thanks to the sign of ml inside the spoon.

Suggestions for Use:


  • After use, wash with hot water and rinse thoroughly.

  • Once a month, scrub clean with baking soda put on a paste. Then wash it with plenty of water and dry it so that no water is left on it.

  • Since silver is an antibacterial mineral, it does not need to be disinfected. Do not use any chemicals such as detergents, disinfectants or alcohol for cleaning.

  • Do not boil, do not wash in the dishwasher

Note: You can immortalize your spoon by printing your baby's name.


* If the name is written, the refund is not accepted.

SilverNurse Silver Feeding Spoon
345TL Shipping and VAT included


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